Hair Retention

Hair loss treatment programs involve improving the scalp environment, blocking DHT, providing your hair with complete nutrition; minimizing excessive daily hair loss, enhancing the appearance of thin looking hair and stimulating hair growth. Our clinic is a physician-directed treatment program. Our consultants will have you complete a hair loss questionnaire, and will educate you on the basics of hair loss and help you find the treatment plan that is right for you, taking into consideration your health, scalp hygiene, prescription drug use, stress, hormonal changes, heredity and nutritional profile to determine other factors which might contribute to hair loss.

Fine Hair Solution

For those of you that have struggled all your life battling fine, thin hair we now have a solution. We have worked with a chemist on ways to add body and fullness to hair, and now have a line designed specifically for you. You will gain maximum body and fullness and keep your hair in great condition.

Growth Factors

Christoffels now carries a revolutionary solution to thinning hair. Top doctors, scientists, and researchers developed Factor G6 to bring six of the most powerful growth factors together to help people who are losing their thickness and shine as a result of normal aging. These growth factors are in their purest form, producing extraordinary results. Many Factor G6 users saw fuller, more vibrant hair in as little as four to eight weeks.