Postpartum Hairloss

You had a baby, congratulations! We are all aware of postpartum depression, but can it be a major factor of hair loss? If you just had a child and have noticed some hair loss – you’re not alone!  As much as 90% of childbearing women experience some form of postpartum hair loss.


What is it, and why does it happen?

The culprit? Hormonal changes. Some women experience minor hair loss while others can have full clumps of hair fall out. The experience between two women can be completely different. What is typically hard for mothers is that with all of the stress that can happen with the newborn baby – hair loss can be accelerated significantly.

In layman’s terms, your increased hormone levels before the baby, causes your hair to be in an on-going growth stage, making your hair thicker then it usually is. Once you give birth, your hormones start to level out – your hair enters a resting phase, causing shedding.

If you feel as though your hair is falling out at a rapid pace, and it last longer than 4-6 months you should consult us here at Christoffels. This is a critical period in the life of you and your new baby. Feeling your absolute best and taking care of yourself is crucial.  

Can I Take Action?

Absolutely! Your diet especially in terms of key vitamins like iron, zinc, and vitamin D levels should all be regulated. Shampooing less often and avoiding flat irons and blow dryers can also help. Always remember to be gentle on your hair (especially when combing.) If you feel like you need additional help from prolonged postpartum hair loss, schedule a free consultation with us today.

Source: Transitions Hair