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Christoffels Hair Restoraiton Center. Sioux Falls SDAt Christoffels, we have been full time hair loss specialists since 1976. We are each committed to providing the best services possible when designing your hair. Our goal is to give you the look, confidence and self-esteem you want and deserve.


Over the years, we have received many awards and accolades both nationally and regionally for our work. All of this is extremely gratifying, of course, but what means the most to us is seeing the difference we have been able to make in the lives of our clients.

A client of ours moved to the Twin Cities a few years ago, but never found service that met his expectations. He now stops back on his way through town so we can continue to help him with his hair loss needs. He recently shared this feedback with us via email: “Virg, I’m extremely happy to be back. The hair is great & easy to work with which is an indicator to me of how well it is cut in. You have one very happy client!!”

One of my dearest friends, who had gone through chemo a few years before, recommended Sara at Christoffels in Sioux Falls. Sara and I connected immediately. We visited and then she looked at some pictures of me – when I had hair! I knew that I wanted real hair, as I was not sure that I would ever have hair again! She knew exactly what I wanted and needed! When I came back in a few days she had my ‘hair’ ready for styling. I was awestruck!! The color was perfect, the cut exactly what I wanted and I went home looking like a million bucks!! -Rosie
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Dear Christoffels & Company:
When I was searching for a place to acquire information on hair loss/hair transplants, I felt completely lost. After looking at the national brands like Bosley I was still unsure if that was the route I should go. I just happen to come across your website and was delighted to see that you were in the same city as me! I’ve always been a person to support local businesses. I started to lose my hair in my early to mid twenties and was actually nervous to even call and set up a free consultation. I decided to just go for it because I wanted to find that confidence in myself again that was starting to fade away with my hair. -Derek
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Dear Virg and Sara:
My friend Brenda called me last night to tell me how wonderful you had been during her appointment. Thank you so much! I wanted you to know that she thought you guys were just the greatest! Sara, I don’t know you, but you must be awesome at what you do! Thanks for treating my friend with such concern and giving her so much time.  – Rox

Dear Sara:
I can’t thank you enough. I think my hair looks awesome! I no longer need to worry about going outside on a windy day! I’ve been riding the boat and we had a girls weekend which are things that I would never have done with my other hairpiece. Just putting my hair up in a clip or pony tail is awesome. Once again, thanks for all you have done.  – Melissa

Thank you for your incredible generosity and support with me as I lose my hair and get a beautiful wig. I truly feel like you have been a HUGE answer to prayer. This all means so much to me and my family. Your entire family is so amazing. There is no doubt the Lord is using this business and your family to draw people closer to himself. Thank you! – Christy C.

Dear Sara:
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers for my Chemo Graduation Day. It was very thoughtful of you! Also, a very special thank you for playing such an important role in my journey. You have seen me physically at the bottom, as well as mentally and you treated me professionally and compassionately. I am so thankful to you! You have a big heart! Thanks for always making me look better and feel better!  -Lisa

Dear Sara:
We would especially like to thank you for the wonderful work you do. Your encouragement during a tough time in cancer patients lives is a special gift. Dad’s hair looked great and in a short time he did a lot of verbal advertising for you. But even more valuable was the encouragement and uplift you gave him with the very special treatment he received each time he came. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.  – Janelle

Thank you for all your help and support! I enjoyed working with you a lot! Thank you for helping me pick a system that fills my needs, not to mention give me my confidence back! I feel like I can walk a little taller now! It’s nice to know that you will be there if I need help! Thanks again.  – Karen

Dear Cheryln:
I will never forget the kindness you have shown me! Thanks for always being there for me. There was never a problem or concern too big for you! You made me feel healthy, happy and beautiful during the days that were anything but beautiful. Everyone loved my hair and often it was my little secret! You made it easier for me to get through my chemo, and now I am ready to get on with my life!  – Carol

Dear Christoffels:
My hair began thinning about four years ago. I tried a variety of products that claimed they would stop the hair loss, but I found no success with those products. I met with Christoffels & Company and began treatments using their hair laser and additional hair products. Within seven months my hair has become significantly thicker and fuller, and I have new hair growing in the previous thinning areas. The staff at Christoffels met with me frequently to discuss my treatments and evaluate my progress to ensure I am satisfied with the process.  – Austin

Having known the Christoffels for a number of years and their ability to bring the latest innovations into their business, I was sure their laser technology would be of benefit to my son who was experiencing premature thinning. I was right. What fantastic results! His has filled in thicker than ever, the texture is heavier, color darker and hair is coming in where there was complete loss. Fantastic results from a leader in the industry. – Duane (Austin’s dad)

Dear Virg:
My hair was falling out in frightening amounts. Each day I wished…if only I could have back what I had lost that day! Finally I knew that I was reaching the point of no return. I could no longer get by. I needed a full wig! I had seen the Christoffels’ ad but had not made the call. When I turned to a friend one day and said, “What am I going to do?”She told me about someone she knew who had gone to Christoffels. That was all I needed. I made an appointment, something I should have done months earlier. Their response: “No wig! We’ll make your hair grow.” And they did! Six month later: my hair is not thick, but I’ve had considerable regrowth and the texture is much improved. In short, my hair is now healthy hair. There is NO FALL-OUT. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Christoffels.  – Marilyn

Thank you so much for everything you did to make my hair loss so much easier. I am so happy with my hair. And have had so many compliments on it! And I appreciate your kindness to my friends – they really enjoyed you too! Thanks again!  – Becky

Dear Virg, Cheryln and Sara:
I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for my family, especially dad, through such a difficult time. It’s made such a huge difference in his attitude and how he’s feeling. The comments and compliments have been amazing! He does look great, and he feels better too. Thank you so much for your kindness and expertise. This has been a very emotional time for our family and you and your staff has made a very difficult time a bit easier to handle. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and compassion.
– The Schell family

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