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Mitchell’s Story

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Last year, Mitchell came to Christoffels Hair Restoration to get help after experiencing hair loss. Mitchell’s family has chosen Christoffels for almost 30 years to help them restore confidence after suffering from hair loss. First came his grandfather, followed by his father, and now Mitchell. Making them part of the Christoffels’ family for over three decades.

Mitchell is a very public person who is involved in television appearances, judging national beauty pageants and participating in other public speaking events. Being in the public eye, it was important how Mitchell felt about himself. In many ways Mitchell felt comfortable with who he was, but like many of our clients, he sensed that his hair loss was affecting his self-confidence in a negative way.

Mitchell knew there were solutions to his hair loss and after doing research, decided on Christoffels Hair Restoration. We scheduled an initial consultation and found that he enjoyed spending time on his hair as well as the ability to try new, trendy styles. With a semi-permanent non-surgical procedure, Mitchell has the ability to wear his hair in different styles and continue his same level of activity and lifestyle.

Mitchell is open about his hair loss and restoration, so he has enjoyed the compliments and people figuring out the difference in his look and renewed self-confidence.

If you identify with Mitchell, check out his video and call Christoffels Hair Restoration to discover how we can help with your transformation.

Can You Predict Hair Loss?

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There are many myths surrounding hair loss that tend to make people wonder if they will go bald. Some of these myths are: I will become bald if I wear a cap, I will become bald from using styling products on my hair, or I will become bald if my mother’s side of the family deals with hair loss. Christoffels Hair Restoration has been recognized as leaders in the industry because of their honest, caring, and open approach to hair loss. Because of all of these accomplishments, we would like to clear up some popular myths.

Hair loss is not caused by wearing a cap, styling your hair, or necessarily only passed down from your mother’s side of the family. It is true that hereditary hair loss is more dominant when it stems from the female side of the family, but research suggests that if a male’s father is bald, the male is more likely to develop male pattern baldness.

What causes hair loss?

The major cause of hair loss is DHT (Di-Hydro-Testosterone). Once DHT binds to the androgen receptors, the receptors are no longer able to receive nutrients and energy, which is essential for healthy hair growth. As the DHT continues to cut off the flow of nutrients and energy, the hair eventually dies and falls out. Other causes of hair loss can be hormones, thyroid, anemia, over processed hair, chemicals, or pollutants in the air and food.

Hair loss continued.

The process of hair loss can be slow and continue to gradually expand over time, or can happen rapidly resulting in hair falling out in large masses. Approximately one-third to one-half of all people has hair loss in their lifetime. The number of individuals affected by hair loss continues to rise, increasing by 10% in the last year.

How to tackle hair loss.

After noticing the signs of hair loss, people question where they can go for help and whom they can trust for honest information. The professionals at Christoffels Hair Restoration are able to examine the scalp and hair in a holistic way. We evaluate clients based on their personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environment conditions. Based on this evaluation and consultation we can suggest individualized cosmetic solutions, give nutritional advice and recommend lifestyle changes to improve the health and appearance of an individuals hair and scalp. Most men treat their hair loss between ages 20 and 55, but it’s becoming more popular for men to do so after age 55. Most women treat their hair loss between ages 35 and 70, and even some as young as 25.

The results we see every day at Christoffels Hair Restoration prove the importance of starting treatment early.  The earlier we start the treatment against D.H.T., the better we can control hair loss.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

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Hair loss can appear at any point during a man or woman’s lifetime, starting from a very young age or developing over time. Most men and women who experience hair loss will notice thinning hair and baldness throughout their lifetimes, and will become concerned. After noticing the signs of hair loss, people question what options they have. At Christoffels Hair Restoration, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we have realized that hair replacement solutions are not the same for women as those for men, and we have options for both genders. We also realize that every situation is different and require different procedures, therefore we offer non-surgical and surgical options to meet everyone’s needs. When you come in for your free, private consultation we will discuss the differences between the options, but here are some facts of non-surgical treatments to consider:

·      No Extra Medical Attention – While surgical hair restoration requires actual surgical procedures and other medical treatments, non-surgical options are easy on the patient and don’t require anything medical.

·      Faster Recovery Time – While surgical treatments take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to complete, and 12 months to see the final results, non-surgical options take as little as two hours to complete.

·      No Post-Surgery Complications – There is no transplantation involved in non-surgical treatments, so there is no risk for infections, swelling or bleeding in the process. The patient will leave without any open wounds or sores.

·      Customizable and Reversible- Your custom hair is created to your exact age-appropriate specifications, based upon your desires, expectations, and lifestyle. The result is that your individually customized hair restores your natural appearance as though the hair is growing naturally out of your scalp, with a totally naturally looking hairline, and a completely natural feel to the touch.

·      Less Risk – Semi-permanent, non-surgical options allow you to have a full head of hair that looks and reacts like you own growing hair. When using a non-surgical option you are not limited to a specific hairstyle or to how much hair you can have. Our specialist will help you choose a hairstyle that meets your expectations, as well as design a hairstyle that is appropriate for you. Non-surgical options can be used in the early stages of hair loss or if your hair loss is more advanced. This is also a good option for people suffering with hair loss due to medical reasons such as alopecia or chemotherapy.
The number of individuals affected by hair loss continues to rise, increasing by 10% in the last year. Ninety-seven percent of hair loss with males is caused by male pattern baldness, and 70% of female hair loss is caused by female pattern baldness. Other causes of hair loss can be hormones, thyroid, anemia, over processed hair, chemicals, or pollutants in the air and food.

We evaluate clients based on their personal history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environment conditions and decide which option is best for them. Call Christoffels with any questions you may have about your hair loss or the non-surgical hair restoration process.


Low-Level Laser and the Complete Treatment Program

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In our latest blog “When Should I Take Action Against Hair Loss”, we talked about the right time to treat hair loss and the answer was to treat it early, but to have realistic expectations with the process.

Terry came to us at an early age with minimal hair in his front hairline and in his temple area. He was too young for a transplant but needed to do something to stop the shedding and receding hairline. After looking at his family history it was obvious that he would continue to lose hair if he didn’t try to control it.

Based on treatments that have been proven to work, we decided to use a combination of 5% minoxidil and low-level laser. Terry has been using the laser band for 15 minutes a day, three times a week and minoxidil once daily.  After a year and a half of consistent treatment the results have been fantastic.  Terry has been able to control the hair loss but has also had hair regrowth. This is a great example of a reasonable expectation for results. Call Christoffels Hair Restoration with any questions you may have about your hair loss or the hair restoration process.

before and after low-level laser hair restoration

When Should I Take Action Against Hair Loss?

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A common question we hear is when is the right time to take action against hair loss. The quick answer is to act when you first see signs of hair loss, but when treating hair loss it’s most important to consider the long-term effects of the treatment option. Let us explain. If an 18 year-old man comes to us with excessive shedding and the beginning of a receding hairline, a surgical transplant is not the best option for him.  Until his hair loss pattern is defined it’s not possible to correctly design the frontal hairline or know how far the hair loss will come down on the sides and crown area.

So what are the options for this young man? In most cases, we would recommend a treatment combination of Minoxidil and low-level laser.  For an 18 year-old, our goal would be to stop or slow down the hair loss. Young men in the early stages of hair loss have the best chance of seeing positive results with consistent and daily treatment.  A reasonable goal would be to get their hair density back to where it was two years ago.

The results we see every day at Christoffels Hair Restoration prove the importance of starting treatment early.  The earlier we start the treatment against D.H.T., the better we can control hair shedding.

Watch for the follow up story of Terry’s successful treatment.

Looking For a Licensed Hair Stylist

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Christoffels Hair Restoration is a full service hair loss studio in Sioux Falls, SD, that is committed to providing the best products and experience possible when designing hair and working with clients who face hair loss.

We are seeking a licensed, motivated hair stylist with the desire to move from a regular salon setting to be trained in the specialty of hair replacement.

All training is provided and benefits are offered. If you desire to advance in your career and see yourself as a team player, advancement opportunities are available. We offer flexible hours with weekends off in a professional progressive environment.

Hair Stylist Job Responsibilities:

This position goes beyond the basics of hair styling, and the stylist must be willing to specialize in hair loss needs for men and women.

  • Must have a cosmetology degree or soon to complete.
  • Willingness to learn all aspects of hair replacement
  • Hair styling services
  • Cutting and delivering hair additions
  • Work well in a team environment
  • Coachable


  • Flexible Hours
  • Hourly Wage
  • Benefits
  • Training
  • Professional environment
  • Good team spirit

If you are the right fit for this position, please pick up an application from our office.

Thank you,
Christoffels Hair Restoration
3300 East 26th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57103


Hair Loss and the National Anthem

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Freedom is one of the greatest privileges we have in our country, and when we stand for the national anthem, we honor those who fought for that freedom. We honor them by standing, placing our right hand over our heart, and removing our cap if we are wearing one. You may be wondering what hair loss has to do with the National Anthem, but for some people, it’s a big deal.

We just completed a consultation with Mike who is 25 years old, married with one child, has a great job, but doesn’t have a full head of hair. His struggle with hair loss has been controlling his life and has forced him to skip public events. He will find reasons not to go to weddings and he is not comfortable going to church. He loves to attend basketball games with his son, but breaks into a sweat when asked to remove his cap for the National Anthem. He will either sit in the top row of the bleachers or will go to the restroom during the anthem.

This may sound extreme to some of you, but we hear these stories all the time. When Mike and I first starting talking he was uncomfortable because he thought he was the only person who struggled with hair loss. After getting to know Mike in a private setting he started to open up and share his hopes and expectations with me.

His dream was to have a full head of hair that would make him look his age and give him the self- confidence he once had. He wanted to have a hairstyle that was easy to maintain and allow him to live his active life with his family.

Don’t let your hair loss keep you from attending public events. Call Christoffels today and schedule your free private consultation 605-334-7026

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Big Events and Hair Loss

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We have found that when people decide to find a solution for hair loss, it‘s often event driven. Time and time again we’ll have a consultation with a worried mother, a young college student, or someone thinking about an upcoming wedding, graduation, or class reunion. The insecurity of thinning hair or balding has kept many people from participating in these big life events.

We recently had a consultation with Beth, who is preparing for her daughter’s wedding. Beth is a hard working mom who, along with her husband, has provided a modest living for their family but has always felt that spending money on herself was selfish and unneeded.

Beth has been struggling with thinning hair for a long time, but having her only daughter’s wedding in June has increased her concern. She has been in many pictures where the photography accents her thinning hair, and makes her look bald. She even stated that she “doesn’t want to ruin the wedding pictures because of her hair.”

After visiting with Beth and working through the emotions of her situation, we decided the best option for her is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure. Beth is beyond the point of just maintaining her hair – she needed to add more. To fit her needs, we custom designed a graft that covers the thinning area and blends in with her growing hair on the sides. Beth left Christoffels with a smile on her face and confidant that she will look awesome in the wedding photos.

Mother hugging bride on wedding day

I’m Done With the Hairpiece!

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We recently had the pleasure of working with Tom and helping him transition into a more comfortable life that fit his needs and wants. Tom is 57 year-old and has been wearing a traditional hairpiece that he taped on every morning and took off every night before bed. When Tom first came to Christoffels for a consultation, he was beyond excited to hear he had options other than wearing his typical hairpiece.

For many years, Tom has been going to a company for maintenance on his hairpiece, but this company didn’t keep up with the new technology and new types of hair restoration that have become available. Tom thought he only had two options: continue wearing the hairpiece or shave his head.

Tom told us that he was planning a winter vacation and that he didn’t like the thought of taping on his hair while being on the beach, but he wasn’t ready to shave his head.

After Tom became more comfortable in the private consultation and I began to know him and his expectations, we discussed the benefits of semi-permanent non-surgical hair replacements. I showed him the thin durma lens material with human hair looped into the graft. I explained that the hair is completely customized and applied directly to the scalp for a 3-4 week period. Being a client myself, I was able to show him how easy it is to care for my hair and how natural it looks.

We gave him a short haircut that requires very little maintenance on his end and allows him to live an active lifestyle without the frustration of wearing a hairpiece. Three days later Tom left for his vacation with renewed hair and confidence.

Call Christoffels Hair Restoration for your free, private consultation and discover the solutions for hair loss that will work for you.
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Certified Hair Loss Practitioner with USTI and AMCA

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Over the last few years, Sara and myself have had more and more clients coming into the treatment center, distressed by their aging, thinning hair. I knew I needed to find another way to help. I needed to truly educate myself even more on the scalp, the skin and the science that makes up the hair in order to understand the issues clients were coming to me with and to formulate a plan of action. After intensive research, I decided to continue my education with the US Trichology Institute (USTI), the #1 school in the world and the only one with certification from the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA). Sara and myself have both become Certified Hair Loss Practitioner with USTI and AMCA. What does this mean for my clients?

Trichology combines dermatology with cosmetology. I’m now educated even more on advanced technology and diagnostic software aimed at studying the hair shaft, scalp and follicles to determine the cause of thinning hair and to treat – and in some cases, even prevent it.

My clients know that I won’t sell them a product or treatment I don’t believe in. Before any solutions can be offered, the root of the problem needs to be identified. During this extensive course, I studied dozens of causes and conditions that lead to thinning hair and hair loss. Most “courses” focused on function – covering up, helping a client pump up what’s left on their head to achieve volume. But over the years, we’ve come to see that not everyone wants to cover up. They simply want their own hair in improved condition.  My Hair Loss Practitioner’s Certification with USTI® has given me the opportunity to intensely study the science behind hair loss, along with up-to-date high-tech solutions currently on the market, such as FDA cleared devices.

Additionally, the Institute continues to provide former students (that’s me!) with current industry knowledge throughout the year, so I will always be able to share information on the latest treatments available.

I look forward to incorporating our latest studies into the business and helping my clients even more than before. Are you tired of hair loss controlling your life? You have even more options today!

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